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image: Hoagland Wins Three as F…
Hoagland Wins Three as Fighting Irish Down Pool Records at Shamrock Invite
Jan. 22, 2021— A scaled-down Shamrock Invite takes on a different format this year, as the timed finals meet will see a total of six sessions over three days. The men swam morning and afternoon sessions yesterday, then wrapped up with a morning session today, and then women will swim this afternoon and tomorrow. Instead of the normal bevy of teams, this iteration of the annual invite featured only the hosts Notre Dame and Missouri State on the men’s side, with the Fighting Irish completing a clean sweep and winning 268-86. With still almost a month to go until ACCs, Notre Dame got some big performa ...
@SwimXps #ND #swimming on fire
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Notre Dame Swimming & Diving Close Out Shamrock Invite With Win

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Douglass hits 2:08 200 Breast, Men Come Down to Final Relay, as UVA Sweeps UNC

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Kate Douglass named to U.S. Senior National Team

Kate Douglass

Florida State Men Get First Ever Win over Auburn as Schools Split Dual

Hannah Ownbey | Santi Corredor | Jakub Ksiazek | Emily Hetzer | Michael Bonson | Averee Preble | Joshua Davidson | Izaak Bastian | Emma Steckiel | Nick Vance | Gary Taylor | Max McCusker | Mason Herbet | Kensley Merritt | Mikkel Gadgaard

Kylee Alons, Mitchell Whyte Named ACC Swimmers of the Week

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Reagan grad Zach Yeadon chasing Olympic dreams with transfer to Cal

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Virginia Sweeps Commonwealth Clash with Virginia Tech

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Curtiss, Chadwick Chasing 100 Freestyle on Day 4 of Pro Swim Series-Richmond

Justin Ress | Coleman Stewart | Michael Chadwick | Emily Escobedo | Grace Sheble | Jack Saunderson | Nick Vance | Miranda Tucker | Logan Zucker | Jack Conger

Florida State Seniors Celebrate with Big Win over Gardner-Webb

Zsofia Kurdi | Izaak Bastian | Jackson Lucas | Stephanie Holmes | Katherine Baker | Mason Herbet | Nick Vance | Maggie Emary | Rush Clark | Tania Quaglieri | Nevada Wood | Jakub Ksiazek | Jackson Seith | Sydney Cole

Hannah Womer Swims Best Time in 200 Free as Florida State Rolls on Senior Day

Max McCusker | Tania Quaglieri | Peter Varjasi | Noah Young

Virginia Cavaliers Sweep Virginia Tech Hokies in Commonwealth Clash

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NC State Defeats Duke Men and Women in Durham

Luke Miller | Giovanni Izzo | Sally Foley | Yara Hierath | Charlie Gingrich | Cole Reznick | Julia Poole | Kylee Alons | Emma Muzzy | Noah Henderson | Catherine Purnell | Hunter Tapp | Sirena Rowe | Katharine Berkoff

Missouri State Women, Drury Men Pick Up Wins In Split Dual

Michael Claunch | Anna Miller | Grace Beahan | Yuliya Zubina | Pawel Krawczyk | Robbie Hill | Michael Hampel

Three-Sport Athlete Sam Bork Verbals to Florida State for 2022

Max McCusker

Gezmis, Hansson, Izzo and Kusto Return as Wolfpack Rolls Tar Heels

Giovanni Izzo | Sophie Hansson | Erge Gezmis | Tomas Sungalia | Coleman Stewart | Ross Dant | Kylee Alons | Ellie VanNote | Valdas Abalikšta | Abby Arens

Battle of Veterans v. Age-Groupers in 50 Freestyle Highlights Richmond Day 3

Justin Ress | Maddy Banic | Coleman Stewart | Michael Chadwick | Emily Escobedo | Madison Kennedy | Jack Saunderson | Nick Vance | Catie DeLoof | Logan Zucker | Justin Wright | Jack Conger | Ali DeLoof

Louisville Men Clock 1:25 200MR In Albiero-Less Dual Against Missouri

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image: WATCH: Race Videos From …
WATCH: Race Videos From The 2021 January Pro Swim Series
Jan. 20, 2021— Several race videos from last weekend’s multi-site Pro Swim Series have been released on USA Swimming’s streaming page , and you can watch select ones embedded below. The race videos are on YouTube, but they’re currently unlisted, so you can’t simply find them by going to USA Swimming’s YouTube channel. Check out the ‘A’ finals from both San Antonio and Richmond currently available below, and go to this link to find additional ‘B’ finals . Currently, the majority of races available from San Antonio are from Saturday and Sunday finals, while Richmond’s options are only from Saturday. ...
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#12 Recruit & NC State Commit Arsenio Bustos Wraps High School Early

David Curtiss | Arsenio Bustos | Aiden Hayes | Garrett Boone | Samuel Hoover

Texas HS A-Finalist Giovanni Linscheer Verbals to Florida (2022)

Bobby Finke | Kieran Smith | Dawson Joyce | Giovanni "Gio" Linscheer

USA Swimming to Host Awards Show for 18 & Under Winter Championships

Ryan Murphy | Brendan Hansen | Blake Pieroni | Lilly King | Joel Shinofield | Olivia Smoliga

Mountaineer Round-up: Adams stays hot, Gymnastics embarks on 2021 season

Carson Foster

Hali Flickinger Aims for Tokyo on Heels of Dominant, Versatile ISL Season

Hali Flickinger | Bob Bowman | Mike Lewis

TYR Pro Swim Series: What We Learned From the First Prelims/Finals Meet of the Year

Andrew Seliskar | Ella Eastin | Zach Harting | Emma Weyant | Madisyn Cox | Shaine Casas | Brooke Forde | Abbey Weitzeil | Mike Lewis | Carson Foster | Olivia Smoliga | Jay Litherland | Melanie Margalis | Aiden Hayes | Kieran Smith | Ally McHugh | Kathleen Baker | Catie DeLoof | Isabelle Stadden | Ryan Murphy | Levenia Sim | Regan Smith

Ally McHugh Focusing on Swimming Aggressively in San Antonio (Video)

Ally McHugh | Haley Anderson | Katie Grimes | Emma Weyant | Evie Pfeifer

Grothe Swaps 200 FL for 400 FR in San Antonio, Bumps Shields Into A-Final

Erica Sullivan | Cody Miller | Lilly King | Regan Smith | Zach Apple | Abbey Weitzeil | Shaine Casas | Carson Foster | Zane Grothe | Olivia Smoliga | Kieran Smith | Tom Shields | Emma Weyant | Maxime Rooney | Townley Haas

Madisyn Cox Did 20x50 IM on :35 With the Texas Men... Then Did it Again (Video)

Olivia Smoliga | Abbey Weitzeil | Isabel (Izzy) Ivey | Madisyn Cox | Regan Smith

2021 TYR Pro Swim Series: Escobedo Hits 2:26 200 Breast in Saturday Prelims; Smoliga Leads 100 Back Field

Lilly King | Bella Sims | Grace Sheble | Lindsay Flynn | Letitia Sim | Regan Smith | Emily Escobedo | Natalie Hinds | Kathleen Baker | Abbey Weitzeil | Bethany Galat | Sippy Woodhead | Margo Geer | Beata Nelson | Lisa Bratton | Katie Crom | Isabelle Stadden | Phoebe Bacon | Micah Sumrall | Ali DeLoof | Olivia Smoliga | Haley Anderson | Josephine Fuller | Madison Kennedy | Catie DeLoof | Leah Gingrich | Emma Weyant | Ashley Twichell | Miranda Tucker | Madisyn Cox

2021 Pro Swim Series – San Antonio: Day 3 Women's Prelims Live Recap

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Battle of Veterans v. Age-Groupers in 50 Freestyle Highlights Richmond Day 3

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Lilly King Describes the Christmas Training Set that Conquered Her (Video)

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The Split: Teen Heat, Veteran Heat in W. 100 Back on Tap for Saturday AM in SA

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Texas A&M Men Win First Dual Meet of 2021 Against SMU With 10 Event Wins

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Shaine Casas "Gearing to do something pretty special" in San Antonio (Video)

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2021 January Pro Swim Series: Day 2 Combined Results

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Casas Swims a Pair of 51-Second Butterflies at San Antonio Pro Swim

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Josh Parent Nabs 2nd OT Cut, Moves to #22 in 15-16 Age Group, with 4:23 400 IM

Carson Foster

2021 TYR Pro Swim Series: Chase Kalisz and Jay Litherland Go 1-2 in 400 IM

Ally McHugh | Jay Litherland | Zoe Dixon | Emma Weyant | Carson Foster | Chase Kalisz

2021 TYR Pro Swim Series: Regan Smith and Shaine Casas Shine in 100 Fly

Beata Nelson | Claire Curzan | Coleman Stewart | Kelsi Dahlia | Danny Kovac | Shaine Casas | Olivia Bray | Victoria (Torri) Huske | Regan Smith

San Antonio Day 2 Finals: J. Foster & Swanson Focus on 400 IM, Cox Picks 200 FR

Erica Sullivan | Jake Foster | Austin Katz | Cody Miller | Lilly King | Regan Smith | Jay Litherland | Natalie Hinds | Shaine Casas | David Johnston | Chase Kalisz | Olivia Bray | Charlie Swanson | Kieran Smith | Emma Weyant | Madisyn Cox

2021 TYR Pro Swim Series Day 2 Men’s Prelims: Live Recap

Jake Foster | Cody Miller | Dean Farris | Ben Cono | Zach Apple | Ian Finnerty | Carson Foster | Tommy Cope | Will Licon | Drew Kibler | Kieran Smith | Andrew Wilson | Andrew Seliskar | Kevin Cordes | Maxime Rooney

2021 Pro Swim Series – San Antonio: Day 2 Men's Prelims Live Recap

Maxime Rooney | Dean Farris | Kieran Smith | Andrew Wilson | Andrew Seliskar | Tom Shields | Nicholas (Nic) Fink | Ryan Murphy | Townley Haas

2021 TYR Pro Swim Series: 200 Freestyle Depth Showing Out For American Women in Prelims

Ally McHugh | Lilly King | Melanie Margalis | Evie Pfeifer | Letitia Sim | Regan Smith | Emily Escobedo | Zoe Dixon | Kathleen Baker | Abbey Weitzeil | Isabel (Izzy) Ivey | Maddy Banic | Erin Gemmell | Beata Nelson | Samantha Tadder | Olivia Bray | Micah Sumrall | Olivia Smoliga | Emma Weyant | Miranda Tucker | Madisyn Cox | Justina Kozan

TYR Pro Series: Zane Grothe Outduels Kieran Smith in 800 Free; Haley Anderson Tops Women’s Field

Will Gallant | David Johnston | Ashley Twichell | Kieran Smith | Caroline Pennington | Bella Sims | Dylan Porges | Erica Sullivan | Zane Grothe | Haley Anderson | Joshua Parent

Ryan Murphy Backstroke Analysis | Insane Technique | MySwimPro

Ryan Murphy

image: Butterfly Specialist Gra…
Butterfly Specialist Grace Nuhfer Chooses University of Akron for 2021
Jan. 19, 2021— The University of Akron has received a verbal commitment from Grace Nuhfer for its class of 2025. She is a year-round swimmer at Greenwood Gators Inc. and she is in her final year at Greenwood Community High School. Nuhfer is a senior at Greenwood Community High School. During her junior season, she competed at the Franklin Community Indiana HS Sectional Championships. She swam in the A-final of both the 50 free and the 100 fly, after touching 4th and 1st in prelims, respectively. She took off 0.21 seconds in finals of the 50 free, and moved down to 5th. She maintained her top seed i ...
image: Curzan Closes Out TAC Po…
Curzan Closes Out TAC Polar Plunge With 1:53 200 Fly Victory
Jan. 18, 2021— Claire Curzan won her second event of the meet tonight, finishing first in the 200 butterfly with a 1:53.75. That time for Curzan was just a little bit over her previous best of 1:53.59 from earlier this year. Curzan came in as the only sub-2:00 as fellow national teamer Charlotte Hook was a 2:00.94 for second and Taylor Bloom followed with a 2:02.94. That swim for Hook was more than 7 seconds slower than her entry time. Curzan’s TAC teammate Brooke Zettel swam to a top-3 finish in back to back events on the final night of the meet, winning the 200 backstroke in a 2:00.11 and placing ...
@SwimXps Claire Curzan in good form, #swimming fast ...
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Florida Adds Spanish National Team Diver Valeria Antolino Pacheco for 2021-22

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Curzan & Lochte Scratch Out Of Richmond Pro Swim Series

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5 Storylines to Follow at the 2021 Pro Swim Series - Richmond

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New Additions And Updates To 2020 2021 U.S. National Team Roster

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USA Swimming Adds 14 to National Junior Team For 2020-21

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image: Geneva Int'l: NC State's…
Geneva Int'l: NC State's Korstanje Lowers Dutch Record In 50 Fly
Jan. 17, 2021— While his NC State Wolfpack teammates were tearing up the pool at the Pro Swim Series stateside, Nyls Korstanje was getting it done in Switzerland. Competing on the 3rd and final day of action of the 54th Geneva International Challenge, Korstanje busted out the fastest 50m fly time of his life, producing a time of 23.32. His mark reaped the gold medal at this annual competition, beating the next closest swimmer, Maxime Grousset of France, by .18. 21-year-old Korstanje’s podium-topping effort overwrote his own national record, slicing .05 off of his previous PB and Dutch standard of 2 ...
@SwimXps Congrats Nyls Korstanje: New Dutch National Record 50m Fly #swimming
image: Wash. State's Larson Hit…
Wash. State's Larson Hits 22.70 50 FR, 1 of 5 Pool Records in Dual with Utah
Jan. 17, 2021— Team Scores The Utah Utes traveled to Pullman, WA to face off against conference opponent Washington State on Friday, January 15th. The Utes and Cougars each had 7 event wins apiece, but Utah won both relays, giving them an edge. In the process, the Gibb Pool record book was rewritten, with 5 pool records falling. 3 records came at the hands of the Utes, and the other 2 were broken by Washington State swimmers. Utah kicked off the meet with a pool record in the 200 medley relay. Emma Broome (25.51), Sadie Edwards (28.86), Emma Lawless (24.28), and Madeline Woznick (22.55) combined fo ...
@SwimXps 5 new pool records at WA State University #swimming
image: Bill Yorzyk, the first O…
Bill Yorzyk, the first Olympic champion in butterfly, dies aged 87
Sept. 6, 2020— A former world record holder most noted for becoming the first swimmer to win Olympic gold in butterfly has died.
@SwimXps RIP Bill Yorzyk #swimming #butterfly
image: Columbia Secures Verbal …
Columbia Secures Verbal from Canadian Sprint Free/Fly Specialist Steph Lee
Sept. 5, 2020— Steph Lee from Surrey, British Columbia in Canada has verbally committed to the application process* at Columbia University. Lee swims for Surrey Knights Swim Club and specializes in sprint free and fly. Lee notched several best times in March at the British Columbia Winter Provincial Championships. She was runner-up in the 50 free and 4th in the 100 free and also competed in the 200 free, 200 back, and 100 fly. She updated her PBs in the 50/100/200 free and 100 fly. Last summer, she placed 10th in the 50m free at the Canadian Junior Championships. Two weeks earlier she had been top- ...
@SwimXps Steph Lee Commits to Columbia #swimming
image: Isabel Ivey Swims 52.9 i…
Isabel Ivey Swims 52.9 in 100 Fly in First Meet Since Pac-12s
Sept. 5, 2020— Pac-12 Champion and Cal All-American Isabel Ivey swam her first meet post coronavirus quarantine 2 weeks ago in Florida. Ivey, who grew up training in Florida with the Gator Swim Club in Gainesville and Laker Swim in Windermere, spent the summer back home training in Florida, though most of the Cal team has returned to Berkeley. Ivey swam, and won, 3 events at the meet as the biggest name in attendance. That included a 53.70 in the 100 yard backstroke, a 52.99 in the 100 yard fly, and a 2:02.00 in the 200 IM. Those were the 3 events that she was scheduled to swim at March’s NCAA Cham ...
@SwimXps Izzy Ivey is in good form. #swimming #backstroke
image: Claire Curzan At It Agai…
Claire Curzan At It Again! Hits 50.03 100 Fly at TAC Titans Intrasquad
July 19, 2020— 16-year-old Claire Curzan , fresh off a best time in the 50 freestyle on Friday , swam an extremely impressive 50.03 in the 100 butterfly on Saturday afternoon at her home club’s intrasquad meet in North Carolina. Curzan crushed her best time of 50.35 that she set earlier this year at the North Carolina high school state championships, which also stands as the national high school record and the national age group record for 15-16-year-olds. Due to USA Swimming’s restrictions on times in the month of July , Curzan’s time will not count as a national age group record, pending a change ...
image: Coleman Stewart Time Tri…
Coleman Stewart Time Trials 44.6 100 Yard Back, 45.9 100 Yard Fly
July 18, 2020— U.S. National teamer Coleman Stewart posted a 44.6 in the 100 yard backstroke and 45.9 in the 100 yard butterfly in a time trial published on Stewart’s Instagram account on Saturday, July 18th. Stewart stated that the two swims were his first races since the 2020 ACC Championships in February, where he won the 100 (44.04) and 200 backstrokes (1:37.71) and took 2nd in the 100 butterfly (44.92). Stewart was named the 2020 ACC Men’s Swimmer of the Year.
image: Belarus’ Anastasiya Shku…
Belarus’ Anastasiya Shkurdai Blasts 56.9 LCM 100 Fly at Belarusian Cup
July 17, 2020— 17-year-old Anastasiya Shkurdai of Belarus blasted a 56.95 in the 100 butterfly at the Belarusian Cup in her home town of Brest. Shkurdai, who was the silver medalist at last summer’s World Junior Championships behind American Torri Huske in the 100 butterfly, broke her own national record of 57.39 set last year at the European Juniors. She had been as fast as a 58.2 earlier this year in March, and is not far off of the current world junior record of 56.46 set by Canada’s Penny Oleksiak on her way to Olympic silver in 2016. The time puts Shkurdai third in the world rankings for 2020 ...
@SwimXps Anastasiya Shkurdai in good form: 56.9 LCM #Butterfly, 3rd women's 2020 world ranking
image: 17-Year-Old Anastasiya S…
17-Year-Old Anastasiya Shkurdai Crushes 56.95 100 Fly Lifetime Best
July 16, 2020— 17-year-old Anastasiya Shkurdai broke the Belarusian national record in the women’s 100m fly while competing on day 3 of the 2020 Belarus Open in Brest. After posting a speedy mark of 58.27 in the prelims to represent the only sub-minute swimmer of the field, the European Short Course champion busted out a menacing statement swim of 56.95 to stand atop the podium with the gold medal around her neck. Splits are not available at the time of publishing, but Shkurdai’s time tonight signified her first venture under the 57-second mark. Her lifetime best and previous national record stood ...
image: Cal Adds 2021 Verbal fro…
Cal Adds 2021 Verbal from European Summer Juniors 200 Fly Runner-Up Fanni Fabian
July 9, 2020— The University of California, Berkeley has been forming a stellar recruiting class for the 2021-22 season and beyond, this time receiving a new verbal commitment from Fanni Fabian of Szeged, Hungary. She will join Lea Polonsky , Alicia Henry , Stephanie Akakabota , Elizabeth Cook , Melanie Julia , Shelby Suppiger , Ella Mazurek , Annika McEnroe , Jessica Davis , Mia Kragh and as a member of the Golden Bears’ loaded class of 2025.
@SwimXps Fanni Fabian will #swim for #CAL next year ...
@GoodbyeChlorine #CAL #swimming is having a great recruiting year ...
image: World 200m Butterfly Cha…
World 200m Butterfly Champion Boglarka Kapas Announces Positive Test For Coronavirus
March 31, 2020— Boglarka Kapas , who won bronze in the 800m freestyle at the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, has announced she has tested positive for the coronavirus (COVID-19). The Hungarian, who also won gold in the 200m butterfly at last year’s World Championships in Gwangju, South Korea, revealed the news on Instagram, saying: “I’ve (been) tested positive for Covid19. I don’t have any symptoms yet and that’s why it’s important for you to know that even if you feel healthy you can spread the virus. please be careful, stay at home and stay healthy.❤️” Kapas’ positive test follows the news last w ...
@SwimXps Boglarka Kapas, urges importance of social distancing.
image: Pac-12 Points Caliber Bu…
Pac-12 Points Caliber Butterflier Emilio Perez Commits to Arizona State
March 29, 2020— Emilio “Lio” Perez of the Elmbrook Swim Club in suburban Milwaukee has verbally committed to Arizona State. Perez, a junior at Greenfield High School, is a member of the high school class of 2021. He was the Wisconsin High School Division I (big schools) runner-up in the 100 fly in February in 47.97, culminating a championship season that saw him drop almost a second-and-a-half from his previous lifetime best. That swim makes him the 8th-best 100 yard butterflier in the high school class of 2021. He’s also a solid backstroke who split 22.60 on a 200 medley relay leadoff leg earlier t ...
@SwimXps Emilio Perez commits to Arizona State #swimming
image: Florida State Earns Verb…
Florida State Earns Verbal Commitment from Fly/Back Specialist Jenny Bird
March 22, 2020— Jenny Bird , a junior at Creekside High School in Saint Johns, Florida, has verbally committed to swim at Florida State University beginning in the fall of 2021. She will join fellow class of 2025 verbal commits Alexandra Dicks , Ella Dyjak , Madeline Huggins , and Rachel Moran. Bird swam the 100 back (3rd place) and 100 fly (4th) place at the Florida High School Class 4A Championships in November, notching lifetime bests in both events in prelims. In club swimming, where she represents Loggerhead Aquatics, Bird competed at Winter Juniors East in the 100 back and 100 fly.
@SwimXps Jenny Bird commits to #FSU #swimming
image: Chalmers Butterflying Vi…
Chalmers Butterflying Visit to Sydney Might Just Reap Extra Olympic Race Date With His Mate Dressel
March 15, 2020— Kyle Chalmers (Marion) may well consider adding the 100m butterfly to his Tokyo Olympic program according to his coach Peter Bishop – who says it’s not off the table. The Rio Olympic 100m freestyle gold medallist showed his hand in Sydney overnight with an eye-catching personal best time of 51.37 – the third fastest time in the world this year. It was his fourth victory in three days as the successful NSW State Open Championships w ...
image: Luke Greenbank breaks ow…
Luke Greenbank breaks own record at Edinburgh International Swim Meet
March 15, 2020— Luke Greenbank broke his own Edinburgh International Swim Meet record to win the 200m Backstroke on the competition’s final day.
@SwimXps Luke Greenbank quick 200m #backstroke, 1:58 at Edinburgh #swim meet
image: Edinburgh: Duncan Scott …
Edinburgh: Duncan Scott 48.49 100 Free, Jacob Peters Hits Lifetime Best 100 Fly
March 15, 2020— Edinburgh International Swim Meet concluded tonight with several of Great Britain’s brightest swimming stars taking to the Royal Commonwealth Pool. Adam Peaty threw down a monster 58.13 last night in the men’s 100m breast and followed that up with a 50m breaststroke tonight in 27.14 for another gold. Peaty was quicker in the morning, establishing himself as the top-seeded swimmer in 26.86, a mark just .03 outside the 26.83 he posted at the McCullagh International. Tonight, he led a quartet of Olympic-caliber swimmers with a final time o ...

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