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image: USOPC Asked Congress for…
USOPC Asked Congress for $200 Million in Relief for NGBs in Stimulus Package
March 27, 2020— Ahead of the United States Congress’ $2.2 trillion coronavirus relief package announcement, the United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee estimated that the country’s 50 national governing bodies (like USA Swimming) could lose a combined $800 million as a result of the numerous major cancellations, the Wall Street Journal reported Thursday . The USOPC asked Congress for $200 million in relief for NGBs (not for the USOPC itself), but sports organizations were not included in the final package that the House of Representatives is due to vote on Friday. “During this crisis, the USO ...
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@SwimXps USOPC asked congress for $200 million in relief, however aid not in final bill
image: Former USOPC Doctor File…
Former USOPC Doctor Files Suit Alleging He Was Fired for Reporting Abuse
Feb. 10, 2020— Former VP of sports medicine Bill Moreau filed a whistleblower lawsuit alleging he was fired by the USOPC for questioning its handling of reported abuse.

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