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image: TYR Pro Swim Series Prel…
TYR Pro Swim Series Prelims: Regan Smith Sets the Pace in 100 Back
March 8, 2020— Regan Smith will get another chance to show what she’s got in Saturday night’s final day of the TYR Pro Swim Series stop in Des Moines. She enters the evening as the top seed in the 100 backstroke, an event where she holds the world record, after a morning swim of 58.79 seconds. The second seed is Olivia Smoliga in 59.60 with Kathleen Baker also under a minute in the morning prelims.
image: 2020 Pro Swim Series - D…
2020 Pro Swim Series - Des Moines: Day 4 Prelims Live Recap
March 7, 2020— The final prelims session of the 2020 Pro Swim Series in Des Moines will feature the 100 back, 200 breast, 200 IM, and 50 free. After winning both the 200 back and taking 2nd in the 100 fly on Friday, Regan Smith will cap off her Des Moines campaign with her top seed in the 100 back.
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image: TYR Pro Swim Series Day …
TYR Pro Swim Series Day 2 Prelims: Caeleb Dressel, Nathan Adrian Miss 100 Free A Final
March 6, 2020— The insane depth of the U.S. men’s sprint program makes the 100 freestyle one of the most intriguing events as Olympic Trials nears. And if that needed further illustration, a B final at the TYR Pro Swim Series stop in Des Moines that features four Olympians should do the trick Thursday night.
@SwimXps Dressell, Adrian miss 100 free 'A' finals at Pro stop. Testament to depth of the field.
image: 2019 Atlanta Classic: Da…
2019 Atlanta Classic: Day 3 Live Finals Recap
May 19, 2019— Caeleb Dressel and Dean Farris will contest in the 100 free tonight.
image: Caeleb Dressel, Hali Fli…
Caeleb Dressel, Hali Flickinger Win Twice at Atlanta Classic Night 1 - Swimming World News
May 18, 2019— The 2019 Atlanta Classic opened on Friday and despite some issues with results, the meet produced some extremely fast swimming. Several big names had some strong swims heading into the summer at this meet.
@SwimXps 2 time winners Caeleb Dressel and Hali Flickinger at #Atlanta #Swimming
image: 2019 Pro Swim Series- De…
2019 Pro Swim Series- Des Moines: Day 3 Finals Live Recap
March 9, 2019— Live coverage of day 3 at the Des Moines Pro Swim series, featuring finals of the 200 free, 50 breast, 50 fly, 200 back, and 200 fly.
image: College Swimming Preview…
College Swimming Previews: Losses Hurt, but Depth Helps #8 Georgia Men
Sept. 7, 2018— Georgia took a bit hit with the loss of Gunnar Bentz and Jay Litherland, but a solid returning core plus one of the most intriguing prospects in the freshman class should keep the Bulldogs in the h…
image: USA Swimming Names 111 A…
USA Swimming Names 111 Athletes to 2018-2019 National Team
Sept. 4, 2018— Michael Andrew qualified for the 2018-2019 US National Team in all 4 strokes.
image: 2018 U.S. Nationals: Day…
2018 U.S. Nationals: Day 5 Finals Live Recap
July 30, 2018— After winning 2 of the stroke 50s so far to qualify for Worlds and qualifying for Pan Pacs as he won the 100 breast, Michael Andrew will battle World champ Caeleb Dressel in the 50 free.
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2018 U.S. National Day 5 Finals: Andrew Aims for the 4-Peat

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2018 U.S. Nationals: Day 4 Finals Live Recap

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2018 U.S. Nationals Day 4: 18U National Champ Erica Sullivan Scratches 400 Free

U.S. Nationals Day 3 Finals Preview: Michael Andrew’s Triple Threat Looms Large

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2018 U.S. Nationals: Day 2 Prelims Live Recap

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2018 U.S. Nationals: Day 1 Distance Heats Live Recap

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2018 U.S. Nationals: Day 5 Prelims Live Recap
July 29, 2018— After setting the 100 back World Record last night, Kathleen Baker is slated to take on the 200 IM today against Olympic medalist Melanie Margalis.
image: Chase Kalisz Rockets To …
Chase Kalisz Rockets To #1 In The World With 200 IM Win
July 29, 2018— Chase Kalisz added a second National title in the 200 IM, winning in a lightning fast 1:55.73. That is just two tenths off of Kalisz’s lifetime best from last summer, and
image: 2018 U.S. Nationals: Day…
2018 U.S. Nationals: Day 5 Prelims Preview
July 29, 2018— Olympian Simone Manuel will race on the fifth and final day of the 2018 Phillips 66 National Championships.
image: 2018 U.S. Nationals: Day…
2018 U.S. Nationals: Day 3 Finals Live Recap
July 28, 2018— Michael Andrew has already qualified for Worlds in the 50 fly, but he’s loaded up his schedule tonight to try and qualify for Pan Pacs and add to his Worlds schedule.
image: 2018 U.S. Nationals: Day…
2018 U.S. Nationals: Day 3 Prelims Live Recap
July 28, 2018— After tying her 50 fly American Record last night, Kelsi Dahlia will take on her signature 100 fly today.
image: U.S. Nationals Day 3 Fin…
U.S. Nationals Day 3 Finals Preview: Michael Andrew’s Triple Threat Looms Large
July 27, 2018— 19-year-old Michael Andrew, whose goal is to become the world’s fastest sprinter in all four stroke 50s, will compete in the fly, breast and back finals on Day 3 of 2018 U.S. Nationals.
image: Katie Ledecky Scratches …
Katie Ledecky Scratches 100 Free Final on Day 1 of U.S. Nationals
July 25, 2018— Katie Ledecky elected not to swim the 100 free final on Day 1 of U.S. Nationals, allowing her to focus on the 800 free that takes place 27 minutes later.
image: Justin Wright Leads a Cl…
Justin Wright Leads a Close 200 Fly Field At Phillips 66 USA Swimming Nationals - Swimming World News
July 25, 2018— Arizona’s Justin Wright swam his personal best time in the 200 fly on Wednesday morning to get his Phillips 66 USA Swimming National Championships off to a great start. Wright swam a
image: 2018 U.S. Nationals Prev…
2018 U.S. Nationals Previews: Conger-Clark-Kalisz Rematch in 200 Fly
July 25, 2018— After an incredibly close finish at 2017 nationals, we’ll get to see a rematch between Jack Conger, Chase Kalisz, and Pace Clark in the 200 fly.
image: 2018 U.S. Nationals Prev…
2018 U.S. Nationals Preview: Veterans Collide with Short Course Studs in Men’s 200 Free
July 23, 2018— Reigning World Champs silver medalist Townley Haas is going to need a couple other swimmers in the 1:44 or 1:45 range if the USA hopes to wrest the 4×200 title from Great Britain in 2019.
image: Conor Dwyer In 100/200 F…
Conor Dwyer In 100/200 Free & 200 IM At Nationals, Still No 400 Free
July 20, 2018— Can Conor Dwyer make a play in the 200 IM next week at U.S. Nationals?

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