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Training and Technique
image: How to Swim Perfect Back…

How to Swim Perfect Backstroke

Feb. 24, 2020— There isn’t one backstroke technique that works for everyone, but these tips can help you perfect your backstroke!

@SwimXps Basic, but good #backstroke #swimming tips.
image: Up North, Underground

Up North, Underground

Feb. 23, 2020— How camaraderie, training and tragedy is fueling young Mavericks chargers How camaraderie, training and tragedy is fueling young Mavericks chargers

image: International Surfer Bil…

International Surfer Billy Kemper Seeks Treatment at Moroccan Hospital

Feb. 21, 2020— International surf star Billy Kemper injured his pelvis while surfing in Morocco this week, the 19th of February. Morocco World News.

image: Freestyle Timing – A sim…

Freestyle Timing – A simpler way to think about freestyle timing

Feb. 19, 2020— The timing of the freestyle stroke is important. It will largely depend on what speed and distance the swimmer or triathlete is racing.

@SwimXps Great way to think about your strokes. #swimming #training
@GoodbyeChlorine Change up your freestyle timing. #swimming
image: Training with Lumen | Mi…

Training with Lumen | Michael Andrew Vlogs

Feb. 15, 2020— A bit of an experiment with my metabolism during a lift and sprint session! Learning more about the body and how to function at peak performance!

People in this story:
Michael Andrew

@SwimXps Cool video with #swimming star Michael Andrew
@GoodbyeChlorine Video with Michael Andrew #swim super star
image: Training With The Vikes:…

Training With The Vikes: Swimming

Feb. 14, 2020— Tyler Lowey, UVic Vikes Sports Information Director, spent the past week training with the swim in advance of the upcoming U SPORTS National Swim Championship to get a better understanding of what …

image: Doha – Elite 10km Swimme…

Doha – Elite 10km Swimmers Course Training

Feb. 14, 2020— Doha FINA/CNSG Marathon Swimming World Series – 2020 – Training Day for the elite swimmers. Water temp 16 degrees C.

image: Are You Swimming With En…

Are You Swimming With Enough Intensity To Get Better?

Feb. 13, 2020— Tim Ballintine is a full-time endurance coach and the owner of Koa Sports. In this episode, he shares about being a coach, finding your passion, not having all the answers and intensity in training.

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Tim Ballintine

@SwimXps Cool podcast discussing intensity of #swimming training.
@GoodbyeChlorine Great information about #swim training intensity.
image: Daily Swim Coach Workout…

Daily Swim Coach Workout #70

Feb. 13, 2020— SwimSwam’s daily swimming workout series is a collection of workouts written by coaches from a variety of backgrounds. All daily swimming workouts have

image: Dolphin Kick | Enhancing…

Dolphin Kick | Enhancing Your Body Undulation

Feb. 13, 2020— Our latest swimming drill is aimed at improving your butterfly swimming technique. The most important part of having a great butterfly technique is having a strong undulating dolphin kick. Training…


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