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image: Review: Chad Le Clos’ ‘U…
Review: Chad Le Clos’ ‘Unbelievable’ is a superb sports documentary
April 1, 2020— Olympic gold medalist swimmer Chad Le Clos’ “Unbelievable” documentary is great to see if you’re stuck at home during the COVID-19 pandemic. Digital Journal has the scoop

Chad le Clos

@SwimXps Great #swimming video to watch during quarantine.
image: U.S. Coast Guard Rescue …
U.S. Coast Guard Rescue Swimmer | Behind the Wings | Swimmer's Daily
March 20, 2020— Join host Matthew Burchette in sunny San Diego as he talks with William Arrison, a Helicopter Rescue Swimmer for the U.S. Coast Guard. Join host Matthew Burchette in sunny San Diego as he talks with William Arrison, a Helicopter Rescue Swimmer for the U.S. Coast Guard.
@SwimXps Cool video: Job overview of a U.S. Coast Guard Rescue #swimmer
image: Social Distancing | Seba…
Social Distancing | Sebastian Maniscalco | Swimmer's Daily
March 19, 2020— I’ve been practicing social distancing my whole life…
@SwimXps A little comedy relief: Social Distancing w/ Sebastian Maniscalco (comedy) ...
image: What's Known About Chlor…
What's Known About Chlorine's Impact On Coronavirus
March 10, 2020— The coronavirus (COVID-19) is impacting travel, business and sporting events, as well as day-to-day living around the world. For instance, we reported yesterday how, in addition to cancelling its Olympic swimming trials meet slated for next week, Italy itself became the first nation to place its entire territory under quarantine in an effort to contain the virus. Questions abound about how COVID-19 is spread, how it can be treated and what one’s risk is in different situations.
image: The Milwaukee veteran sy…
The Milwaukee veteran synchronized swimmers | Swimmer's Daily
March 7, 2020— At the bottom of the Milwaukee VA, a group of veterans is perfectly in sync. You never would guess that there is a synchronized swimming team comprised of veterans in Milwaukee.
@GoodbyeChlorine Fun video, if you need a little inspiration to get into the #swimming pool
image: Firefighters Rescue Hors…
Firefighters Rescue Horse From Swimming Pool In Sonoma County | Swimmer's Daily
March 3, 2020— Kenny Choi reports on rescue operation to get horse out of owner’s backyard swimming pool.
@SwimXps That's a mighty big horse you have in your .... #pool ?
image: Turtle Breaks Record Swi…
Turtle Breaks Record Swimming 37,000 Km From Africa To Australia, Helping In Marine Research
March 3, 2020— Yoshi, a loggerhead turtle who was a part of Two Oceans Aquarium in South Africa was put back into the ocean in 2017, however with a small tracker at her back that helped the people at the aquarium as well as researchers look at her whereabouts. And now, after nearly 26 months being in the ocean, the data reveals that she has traveled all the way from Africa to Australia -- that is a whopping 37,000 kilometer journey.
@SwimXps Yoshi the turtle can #swim !
image: South Australian swim cl…
South Australian swim club honours heroic nurse killed in the 2017 London Bridge attack | ABC News | Swimmer's Daily
March 2, 2020 SOUTH AUSTRALIA— Kirsty Boden is known as the Aussie nurse who lost her life in the 2017 London Bridge terror attack while rushing to the aid of another victim.

Kirsty Boden

@SwimXps Kirsty Boden: "her bravery is unmatched in Australia's history" #heroine #swimmer
@GoodbyeChlorine Nice way to honor a true #heroine: Kirsty Boden
image: Explore Georgia’s Martvi…
Explore Georgia’s Martvili Canyon | Swimmer's Daily
March 1, 2020— There was a time when the exquisite blue-green waters of Martvili Canyon were only open to Georgian nobles, who would visit to bathe. Now, everyone is welcome to boat and swim here. The picturesque natural wonder is located in Samegrelo, a coastal region of Georgia known for being a historical center of the country’s cuisine and culture. The two-level canyon is thick with moss and other plant life and dotted with waterfalls and caves. And even on the hottest days of summer, the water that pools in the lower level of the canyon is refreshingly cool.
@SwimXps Cool video and cool pools. Check out this video of Martvili Canyon in #Georgia.
image: ‘Strong Sperm’ Could Get…
‘Strong Sperm’ Could Get Women Pregnant in Swimming Pools, Warns Official | Swimmer's Daily
Feb. 25, 2020— The possibility of non-penetrative conception in  swimming pools  isn’t exactly a new rumor. The  urban legend  goes that unsuspecting girls can get knocked up via ejaculation in pools. As scary as that sounds, most people don’t actually take it seriously anymore. But apparently, one Indonesian government official still does.
@SwimXps Urban legend or fact?

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