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image: ‘Prioritise The Olympics…
‘Prioritise The Olympics, the Only Competition That Matters’ Says Swim Elder Sweetenham
March 30, 2020— Bill Sweetenham , one of the elders of world swimming, has urged coaches and swimmers to “prioritise the Olympics first and foremost” now the dates of Tokyo 2020 have been set for 2021, “as historically no-one, but no-one, recognises or remembers any other result or competition”. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) today named July 23-August 8, 2021 as the news dates of Tokyo 2020, the Games that will continue to be branded with the dateline of this year. That means the Games will end on the day they started in Beijing in 2008, when 08/08/08 was chosen as a lucky symbol for the ...

Bill Sweetenham | Florian Wellbrock

image: Why Antonette Achieng ad…
Why Antonette Achieng admires legend swimmer Michael Phelps
March 29, 2020— Antonette Achieng just loves being the best. The 17-year-old swimmer doesn’t believe in playing second fiddle. In whatever race she registers for...

Michael Phelps

image: Yoga for Swimmers Mobili…
Yoga for Swimmers Mobility Workout One - A Focus on the Quads
March 28, 2020— The following five poses are the foundation of a yoga for swimmers mobility workout that targets the quadriceps. The quadriceps are one of the prime movers in freestyle, backstroke and butterfly kick. For that reason it is important to develop both power and endurance in the water and on dry land. With most strength training programs having a focus on the quadriceps many swimmers experience a great deal of tightness in this area. To create balance in the body it is important to ensure you address mobility and allow for recovery in the same area. Five Yoga for Swimmers Poses that Targ ...

Jeff Grace


COVID-19 and Swimming pools | Swimmer's Daily

SWIMMER'S DAILY 1 week ago

image: 10 Things To Do While Yo…
10 Things To Do While Your Pool Is Closed | Swimmer's Daily
March 20, 2020— Visit the post for more.
@SwimXps 10 Things to do while your pool is closed during #coronavirus crisis
image: 5 Storylines to Watch fo…
5 Storylines to Watch for at the 2019 Pro Swim Series- Clovis
June 12, 2019— Jack LeVant's injury comeback is one of the five storylines to watch at the final stop of the Pro Swim Series in Clovis.

Devon Nowicki | Jack LeVant | Katie Ledecky | Kristof Milak | Leah Smith | Li Zhuhao | Luca Urlando | Sydney Pickrem | Wang Jianjiahe

image: A paramedic dad punched …
A paramedic dad punched a shark ‘five times’ to save his daughter, who lost a leg in attack
June 4, 2019— The mother of Paige Winter, 17, says her daughter “wants everyone to know that sharks are still good people.”
image: Father punches shark to …
Father punches shark to save daughter's life
June 4, 2019— A teenager is recovering in hospital after a horror shark attack where she lost her leg and several fingers. Paige Winter’s father Charlie had to punch the shark five time before it let go of the 17-year-old, according to her family. The teenager, from New Burn, was attacked in Atlantic Beach, North Carolina, on Sunday afternoon before being airlifted to the Vidant Medical Center in Greenville for treatment. Witnesses told local media that people began screaming when she crawled from the water.
image: Father 'punched shark in…
Father 'punched shark in face five times' to save his daughter
June 3, 2019— A 17-year-old American girl survived a horrific shark attack after her father repeatedly punched the animal in the face.
image: Hero Dad 'Punched Shark …
Hero Dad 'Punched Shark Five Times' to Save Daughter During Attack at North Carolina Beach -
June 3, 2019— A teenager is recovering at a hospital after a shark attack at a North Carolina state park has left her with severe injuries to her leg and hands, officials say. Fort Macon State …
image: Girl, 17, mauled by shar…
Girl, 17, mauled by shark saved by hero dad who punched it FIVE TIMES in US
June 3, 2019— A HORROR shark attack has left a teenage girl without a leg and several fingers after she was saved by her hero dad who punched the beast five times. Paige Winter, 17, was swimming at the Fort Maco…

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