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Joseph Schooling
image: With Renewed Fire, Schoo…
With Renewed Fire, Schooling Temporarily Returns To Singapore
March 29, 2020— Now that the dust has settled on the decision to postpone the next Summer Olympic Games originally to next year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, athletes and coaches are taking stock of what the extra preparation time may mean for them. At SwimSwam we already reviewed some initial circumstances that may potentially benefit from the Olympic postponement, which you can read here. But, more potential storylines are emerging as the sporting world has had a few days to digest the news. For Singaporean Olympic champion Joseph Schooling , the Olympic delay is thought to be a good thing by nati ...

Joseph Schooling | Sergio Lopez | Stephan Widmer

@SwimXps Schooling returns to Singapore.
image: Read, Watch, Play: What …
Read, Watch, Play: What Elite Swimmers Around The World Are Doing At Home
March 29, 2020— As the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic continues to unfold essentially minute-by-minute around the world, one thing we know is that athletes across all sports are off the field, away from the court and out of the pool indefinitely. Most swimmers already had comprehensive strength and conditioning programs built into their overall training regimens, but they are now forced to rely on just those athletic outlets until they’re able to finally get wet once again. Besides dryland training, your favorite elite stars are also keeping their minds sharp by catching up on books they’ve been me ...

Aimee Willmott | Ali DeLoof | Andrii Govorov | Arno Kamminga | Bernhard Reitshammer | Brodie Williams | Bruno Fratus | Danielle Hill | Edward Mildred | Emily Seebohm | Felipe Lima | Femke Heemskerk | James Guy | Jeremy Desplanches | Jesse Puts | Joseph Schooling | Kawane Masahiro | Kira Toussaint | Konstantinos Englezakis | Marlene Kahler | Matthew (Matt) Wilson | Michael Andrew

@SwimXps What elite #swimmers are doing around the world during crisis.
image: Coronavirus: Olympics' o…
Coronavirus: Olympics' one-year postponement 'will do really good things' for Schooling, says head coach Widmer
March 25, 2020 SINGAPORE— Postponing Tokyo 2020 to next year will not be a distraction for Singapore's only Olympic gold medallist Joseph Schooling, but an opportunity for him to defend his 100m butterfly title.

Joseph Schooling | Sergio Lopez

image: SportSG will review Hall…
SportSG will review Hall of Fame induction process after debate of Joscelin Yeo’s omission - The Online Citizen
March 16, 2020 SINGAPORE— In response to the debate on the omission of former national swimmer Joscelin Yeo’s name in the Singapore’s Sport Hall of Fame (HOF) recently, Sport Singapore (SportSG) said it will improve its nomination and selection process for a place in the HOF, indicating Yeo’s swimming and service record as “noteworthy”. The HOF was built to …

Joscelin Yeo | Joseph Schooling


Ex-swim stars surprised that Joscelin Yeo is not in Sport Hall of Fame

THE NEW PAPER 2 months, 2 weeks ago

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Joseph Schooling

image: Ex-swim stars surprised …
Ex-swim stars surprised that Joscelin Yeo is not in Sport Hall of Fame
March 15, 2020— Surprise, followed by a resounding yes. That was the common refrain from former swim stars in response to whether Joscelin Yeo should be inducted into Singapore's Sport Hall of Fame (HOF). Yeo's omission from the HOF, which has inducted over 50 athletes, including Patricia...

Joseph Schooling

image: Singaporean Swimmers Gai…
Singaporean Swimmers Gain Extra OLY Qual Time Due To Virus Rescheduling
Feb. 13, 2020— Singaporean swimmers such as Joseph Schooling will have additional qualification time for the 2020 Olympic Games with the rescheduling of events due to virus.

Darren Chua | Joseph Schooling | Ronnie Wong | Stephan Widmar

@SwimXps #coronavirus virus is impacting #swimming competition schedules ...
@GoodbyeChlorine Swimming schedules impacted by #coronavirus ...
image: Joseph Schooling: Weight…
Joseph Schooling: Weight gain comments bothered me | The Straits Times | Swimmer's Daily
Feb. 7, 2020— National swimmer Joseph Schooling will reunite with former coach and mentor Sergio Lopez in a bid to regain his mojo and retain his gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics.

Joseph Schooling | Sergio Lopez

@SwimXps Don't count Schooling out of this year's Olympics just yet. #swimming
image: Joseph Schooling Reuniti…
Joseph Schooling Reuniting with Former Coach Sergio Lopez Through Tokyo
Feb. 6, 2020— According to a report from the Straits Times, the Olympic champion is reuniting with his former coach in Virginia this weekend.

Eddie Reese | Farida Osman | Joseph Schooling | Sergio Lopez

@SwimXps Schooling looking for a spark to rekindle the Olympic fire within #swimming
image: Quah Ting Wen, Maximilli…
Quah Ting Wen, Maximillian Ang Break Records At SGP Nats
June 19, 2019— 26-year-old Quah Ting Wen powered her way to a new Singaporean national standard in the women's 100m freestyle on night 1 of Singapore Nats.

Advait Page | Christie Chue | Glen Lim | Joseph Schooling | Maximillian Ang | Quah Ting Wen

image: Swimming: Joseph Schooli…
Swimming: Joseph Schooling is disqualified for first time in his career after false start in 50m butterfly final
June 19, 2019 SINGAPORE— For Maximillian Ang and Joseph Schooling, Wednesday (June 19) at the Neo Garden Singapore National Swimming Championship (SNSC) was a memorable one - but for different reasons.. Read more at

Joseph Schooling


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