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2020 USOPC says a decision “does not have to be made right now” ...
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USA Swimming Calls For Olympic Postponement as USOPC Reassures a Tokyo Decision “Does Not Have to be Made Right Now”

March 21, 2020— As of today, the International Olympic Committee has insisted that the Olympic Games are still on for a July 24 start date as intended. U.S. Olympic Officials are backing this decision, stating that it is too early to make any decisions about the Games with four months to go in regard to the coronavirus pandemic that has been called a global pandemic. However USA Swimming is calling for a postponement. USA Swimming has written a letter to Sarah Hirshland , the CEO of the USOPC, calling for the Games to be pushed back a year: Breaking news: Here is USA Swimming’s letter to the U.S. Ol ...

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USA Swimming urges USOPC to ask for delay of Tokyo Games

THE DAILY RECORD 1 week, 5 days ago

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