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2020 Russia's top swimmers continue to train ...
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Russian Head Coach Chepik: We Cannot Stop Training for the Olympics
March 20, 2020— Russian swimming head coach Sergey Chepik has reiterated that most of Russia ‘s top swimmers will continue to train for the Olympics after news broke earlier this week that their Olympic Trials would be postponed indefinitely due to the novel coronavirus pandemic . Thus, Russia ‘s best will train together at a pool in Volgograd, a city located in the southwestern region of the country. Two contingents of Russia ‘s national team were set to travel for training camps in different countries, one to Turkey and one to Armenia, but those trips have been called off. Now, most of the top swi ...

Sergey Chepik

@SwimXps Russia's top #swimmers continue to train.

USA Swimming urges USOPC to ask for delay of Tokyo Games

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