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2020 British Swimming CEO, “Undoubtedly The Right Decision” ...
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British Swimming CEO Jack Buckner: Postponement To Tokyo 2021 Is “Undoubtedly The Right Decision”
March 24, 2020— British Swimming moved quickly to respond to the announcement by the International Olympic Committee that the Olympic Games have been postponed for a year by describing it as “undoubtedly the right decision”. A joint statement from the IOC and Tokyo 2020 organising committee came four months to the day that Tokyo 2020 was due to begin with the Games now subject to a one-year delay as a result of the devastation the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is wreaking across the world. The Paralympic Games will also take place in 2021. British Swimming CEO Jack Buckner said: “Given the current ...

Aimee Willmott

@SwimXps British #swimming agrees with #Olympic postponement "right decision"

BREAKING: It’s Tokyo 2021 Olympic Games, Says Japanese Prime Minister

SWIMMING WORLD NEWS 1 week, 4 days ago

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