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Original Soap for Swimmers by Goodbye Chlorine

This Soap Removes Chlorine

NOV 14, 2018 • 1 MIN READ

Are you a frequent swimmer? If so, you've probably experienced some of the damaging effects of chlorine.I bet you've experienced the dry, itchy skin that creeps up on you an hour of so after getting out of the pool. Before swimming you felt normal, but after swimming you feel like you spent a week in the Sahara Desert without water.How about this: Have you walked up a flight of stairs only at the top to smell that strong chlorine odor? That's proof positive the chlorine is still on you.Thank goodness for the chlorine--that's in the pool. Chlorine is a great sanitizer. And because kids love the pool, I'd say it's a good thing! As you can imagine, after you swim around in the pool, you're pretty darn sanitized too.The chlorine bonds to your skin, and cleans every thing. It removes all the dirt and oil from your skin. That wouldn't be so bad except the chlorine loves you. It sticks to you like glue.Yes, it sticks to you no matter what you try. You may have tried showering twice or three times, but the chlorine just has a way of hanging around. How annoying is that?But today there is good news! The problem of chlorine-caused dry skin is but a footnote in history.Goodbye Chlorine makes products specifically for people who love to swim, but hate the lingering problems of chlorine after swimming. And they have a line of soaps made for swimmers.This is how elite swimmers can bear swimming once or twice a day, 7 days a week.The original soap for swimmers is a natural bar soap with a special chlorine-neutralizer that easily and effectively removes chlorine. It's a moisturizing bar, so it helps restore body oils lost during swimming.Most importantly though, it completely removes chlorine. How do you know? You won't feel itchy or smell a lingering chlorine odor after using this bar. It's like a magic eraser made for swimmers.Learn more at GoodbyeChlorine.com

Have you asked the question: Does soap remove chlorine? Here's the answer: Goodbye Chlorine makes a soap for swimmers that removes chlorine. In fact, they make many personal care products for swimmers that remove chlorine.See more products at: Goodbye Chlorine

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